Chapter 30 Nicole returned to her room after a lively dinner.

Samuel’s enthusiasm was overwhelming for her. Fortunately, the few of them rarely came home. Gloria wanted to know how they were doing these days, as she was preparing what they would need to take to school later.

After taking a shower, Nicole locked the door and turned on her notebook to check the job’s progress.

The monitoring code was working properly. Just as she was about to close the notebook lid, she suddenly noticed a program, which she did not code, running in the lower-left corner of the screen. The little program was emitting a faint glow. Nicole’s keen eye immediately recognized what it was: a location-tracking malware.

“Trying to track me down? Not so easy!” Nicole scoffed, her fingers flying over the keyboard, quickly closing all channels, and shutting down this specially built notebook computer.

She had many enemies. It would be too dangerous if her location was exposed. But what she did not know was that as quick as her action was, the tracking malware had still lit up on the map for a split second.

Max immediately located her coordinates and quickly reported to Jared.

“Mr. Johnston, Lucifer’s action was fast. Our location-tracking program was removed.” Jared’s expression darkened. 

“It was removed so easily?”

It was a top deciphering program he had bought with top dollar. He had even manually modified it to make it even more stealthy, but Lucifer’s hacking skills had cracked it before he knew it.

“Yes, but the program has still displayed its coordinates for 0.1 seconds.” Max was almost cheering with joy, as days of monitoring finally came to fruition.

Jared’s eyes lit up. He also had amazing hacking skills, and 0.1 seconds was

in the map, and


even though he had checked and

 “In the Riddle family house?” Jared was

is this possible?” Lucifer, the famous hacker, had been hiding in the Riddle family home not far away from

to do with Johnston Group, nor did it have any dealings with the Riddle Corporation. The Riddle family had no reason to sabotage his

paralyzed the last time. $100 million might be a drop of the ocean for him, but it was a great humiliation. So, he wanted to track

he expected this person, who he had thought was somewhere far away, to be this close to him; it

the tracking system has malfunctioned?”

It is impossible that the

been confident, had started to doubt himself. This just showed how huge the impact it was


check out the Riddle

at Max with sullen eyes.

out if someone from Riddle Corporation is behind

and over the years, Riddle Corporation had made a lot of money with its relationship

about the tracking malware. It was sophisticated malware. She had just discovered that there were a few lines of code that were very different and could trace her coordinates to 0.01-second accuracy. In other words, even if she

in so many years. Thinking about it, she started to realize that someone must have deliberately set a trap to fish her IP address. If this was the case, she could no longer live in the Riddle family home. Otherwise, it would bring danger to her family. She had to leave the Riddle family home and

got up and went for a run, her mind preoccupied with the problem. When she came back and after a shower, she found Daniel, Gloria, and her brothers already sitting at the

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