Chapter 31 Samuel was stunned. “Isn’t our home cozy? I would’ve gone home if it hadn’t been because we stayed up too late revising.” “Exactly. There is no way our dorm is better than our home.” Spencer objected right away.
“But my exam is just around the corner. If I stay there, I can concentrate on my studies like Stanley.” Nicole used her exam as an excuse just to stay on campus. Upon hearing Nicole’s words, Norah scoffed in her mind. ‘No wonder this country bumpkin wants to stay on campus; she’s worried about her academic performance.’
Gloria knew that Nicole was ambitious and hardworking, but she was reluctant to let Nicole go. “Nicole, you’re only in your junior year. You can stay on campus when you are in your senior year. Don’t be too hard on yourself.” Nicole had to give Gloria a reassuring smile when she noticed Gloria’s worried expression. “I know, Mom. But my teacher attaches great importance to this exam. I’m afraid that my results will be subpar, so I plan to stay there to revise with my classmates.” “Well…” Gloria frowned when she heard Nicole’s explanation. ” If you’re worried about your grades, you can still stay at home. I can get Stanley to come home and tutor you. There’s no need for you to stay on campus.” Nicole, her daughter, had just returned. They had not even really bonded with each other. Gloria would miss Nicole if Nicole lived in a dorm. Daniel could tell Gloria was feeling hard to let her go, so he nodded. “Your mom is right, Nicole. If you stay on campus, what should your mother and I do when we miss you?”
Nicole started to feel bad as she realized how sincere her parents were.
Her family treated her well, so she could not reject their kindness so decisively. She still had to consider their feelings when she made her decisions.
Looking at his family rejecting the idea, Steve smiled, intrigued. He held his coffee mug and said, “Dad, Mom, shouldn’t you support Nicole for being hardworking? Stanley is a shy guy; how could he tutor Nicole?”
Stanley blushed at Steve’s remark. “I will tutor her!”

“Do you even know how to tutor? Are you not afraid of girls anymore?” Steve looked at Stanley in a playfully teasing manner.
Stanley, who was teased, was not having it. “I’m not afraid of Nicole.” He was telling the truth. Although he disliked being around girls, he did not mind Nicole getting close to him.
“Oh? Now that’s weird.” Steve did not expect Nicole to be so special to Stanley.
‘Come to think of it, everyone in this house has changed ever since Nicole’s return,’ thought Steve. He sent Nicole a teasing gaze and said defeatedly, “Sorry, Sis. I run out of ideas to help
Nicole could not help but sigh silently as it seemed impossible for her to live on campus now. A voice came from the door when she was just about to give in.
“Nicole wants to stay on campus because of her studies. Isn’t that a good thing? Being hardworking and ambitious are the attributes someone in the Riddle family should have.”
Daniel and the rest of the family stood up in shock when they saw Mr. Riddle Sr. “Dad, it’s still early, and you are here…” Daniel added in his mind, ‘…unannounced.’ Mr. Riddle Sr. waved and said, “Mr. Ellison asked me to meet him today, so I planned to send Nicole to school on my way there. I didn’t expect to hear all of you discussing whether she should stay on campus as soon as I got in.”
“You want to send Nicole to school?” Daniel looked at Gloria in shock. Mr. Riddle Sr. wanted to send Nicole to school personally. It was a treatment he had given to none of his grandchildren. At that moment, the brothers exchanged looks, eyes filled with admiration. On the other hand, Norah was about to explode with jealousy. ‘The whole family treating me as invisible just now is one thing, but grandpa having eyes for Nicole when he came is quite another! He even wants to send her off to school personally!’
When Norah thought about how Mr. Riddle Sr. insisted on sending her away while being so protective of Nicole, Norah’s eyes started to burn with hatred.
Then, Mr. Riddle Sr. took a seat at the other end of the long table and expressed his thoughts,” I think it’s a good idea for Nicole to stay on campus. Don’t interfere with her decisions. Get the servants to pack her stuff. I’ll talk to Mr. Ellison later. He will be very happy when he hears about Nicole staying on campus!” Gloria was still reluctant to let her daughter stay on campus, but Daniel had been shooting her looks endlessly, signaling her to not go against Mr. Riddle Sr. So, Gloria could only make herself feel better by thinking, ‘My sons excel in their academic performance, so Nicole should not be left behind.’ Seeing that Nicole would stay on campus, Samuel and Spencer looked at each other as they spoke in unison.
“Dad, Mom, don’t worry. We’ll take care of Nicole.”
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