Chapter 32

After he was done speaking, Mr. Riddle Sr. did not bother about Norah anymore and left with Nicole instantly When Nicole turned around, she swept her cold gaze across Norah, mocking her for not knowing her place. Norah was so angry that her eyes turned red that even Samuel thought she was going to cry with disappointment. “Norah… We will leave with you in a while. Don’t cry…” Samuel tried to console her as he sensed that she was upset.

Norah immediately bawled in response, “It’s okay… You already have Nicole. Everyone can just pay attention to her. I’ll be fine; I can go to school by myself.”

She then took her bag and left with tears of disappointment in her eyes.

“Norah…” Gloria saw that Norah had not even taken her breakfast, so she wanted to run after Norah. But Daniel pulled her back. “Just let her be. She has to accept reality sooner or later.” Though Daniel, too, could not bear to do so, it was only a matter of time. Norah would not feel as bad if she acknowledged the truth sooner.

“I’ve neglected Norah.” Gloria was a little guilty.

Samuel looked regretful as well. “Let’s treat Norah better from now on… After all, she has to leave soon, right?”

His remark had shaken everyone at the table.

All of them had lost their appetite, except for Steve, who looked unbothered as he said rationally, “We know she has to leave. That’s exactly why we shouldn’t give her so much to reminisce about. After all, the Riddle family doesn’t owe her anything.”

the Riddle family had provided her with the best life imaginable, so she was not mistreated in the slightest. Steve’s words made

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finally getting to stay on campus the next day, just as she

got up early to pack her luggage. In fact, it was only a medium-sized duffel bag. She filled it with her clothes and daily necessities. Once she had packed everything carefully, she zipped up her bag and brought it

waiting for her outside the house. When Nicole opened the door, she realized that Stanley was already in the

“I’ll bring you to school today since Spencer and Samuel stayed on campus yesterday.” “Alright.” Nicole nodded. It was best to be dropped off at school by one person as she did not want to create a scene. At that moment, Nicole’s bag attracted Stanley’s eyes. They had all stayed on campus before, but no matter how minimal they packed, they always needed a few pieces of luggage. As the heiress of the Riddle family, Nicole just brought a piece of small luggage and a backpack with


you’re bringing over, Sis?” “It’s a hassle if

Nicole threw her backpack on the car seat and sat down before

did not talk much,

sister was different from the other girls. She did not like having too many decorations and girly things. This type of little sister was a

office building, Nicole alighted from the car and bid Stanley

strolled to Ms. Emerson’s office. The moment she was about to knock on the

tea leaves

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