Nicole watched as Mr. Kennedy shrieked like a butchered animal and said coldly, “Sorry, I didn’t see you walking here.”
“You didn’t see me? Where are your eyes?” Mr. Kennedy yelled out of embarrassment, looking like he wanted to eat her alive.
Nicole smiled instantly. Though it was just a faint smile, it was radiant. “What else could it be? Do I have to give you presents, Mr. Kennedy?” “What?” Mr. Kennedy was stunned as he had no idea what Nicole was talking about.
“Mr. Kennedy, you were so angry just now. Shouldn’t I give you presents as a token of apology?” Nicole’s words made the people around them think of Ms. Emerson, whom Mr. Kennedy had just scolded.
Everyone knew how the Director of the Department always had Ms. Emerson’s back against the wall, so she probably had no choice but to give the director presents. Then, all of them started to look at Ms. Emerson with sympathy.
Mr. Kennedy sensed what Nicole had implied and got livid. But he could not do anything to Nicole, so he just turned around and yelled at Ms. Emerson, “Look at the attitude of the student you teach!”
At that moment, Mr. Kennedy was not in the mood to mock Ms. Emerson anymore. He was so in pain that he had to look for some ointments back in the office.
It was Ms. Emerson’s first time seeing Mr. Kennedy getting so enraged by a student. She let out a laugh as she watched his disheveled self running away with tea leaves all over him. The sadness and grievance she got from his yelling had disappeared without a trace.
It seemed like Nicole had helped her just now.
Ms. Emerson felt a little guilty as she thought about how she did not like Nicole and was reluctant to have Nicole in her class last time.

However, Nicole had already turned around and left the office, ignoring everyone’s reaction.
Ms. Emerson watched Nicole leave as she felt warm inside. After the morning class ended, Nicole got up and walked to the cafeteria as it was now lunchtime.
She did not wait for Bradley and Lulu today. Though she was early, she could not help but knit her brows at the sight of the crowded cafeteria. Unbeknownst to her, a frown on her delicate face made her extra charming, awing many boys around her.
Norah was sitting with her classmates as Celia shot her a look. “Your sister from the countryside is here.”
Norah turned around and saw how much of an eyesore Nicole was. She could not help but feel
a little jealous.
In order to draw the attention to herself, she fought back the upset feeling she had yesterday and waved to Nicole with a smile on her face.
“Here, Sis!”
The word “sis” stunned numerous people in an instant.
“Is Norah calling Nicole sis?”
“No way; I heard that transfer student is from the countryside, no?”
“Is she from the Riddle family as well?”. When Norah heard the discussions about Nicole, she could not help but put her nose in the air while looking at Nicole arrogantly.
No matter how beautiful Nicole was, everyone would remember that she was from the countryside as long as they compared her to Norah.
Subsequently, when everyone thought they knew the relationship between Norah and Nicole, Nicole looked away as if she did not see Norah. She then sat on an empty seat.
Norah froze. ‘Did this country bumpkin just ignore me?!’
The people around them immediately said, “Nicole doesn’t seem to know Norah…”
“True. Nicole is so pretty, while Norah just looks average. How could they be sisters?”
These remarks drifted into Nicole’s ears, and her face started to burn with embarrassment.
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