Chapter 34

Celia was also stunned as she looked at Norah, dumbfounded. “Hey, what’s going on here? Why did Austin address that country bumpkin as his boss?” “I-I have no idea too.” Nicole thought, ‘Nicole was telling the truth! Everything she said was real?!’

The Woods family was a powerful and rich family in Northon, so Austin had been at the top of the pyramid in school for the past few years. He did not even back down when fighting the Finley brothers. But now he bowed to a country bumpkin?!

Norah could not help to be suspicious of Nicole’s real identity. Everyone was in shock as well, but Nicole remained expressionless. She casually glanced at Austin and returned her gaze to the long queue at the window. Austin beamed the moment he saw her looking at him. “You must be hungry, Boss! i’ll get someone to bring you food!” Austin volunteered himself. That was when Nicole finally looked at him directly. “It’s okay.” She sounded indifferent. But Austin was already calling over his subordinate to get the best ribs in the cafeteria. He then happily went over and lined up to get Nicole some soup. Nicole did not reject him as she saw how determined he was. She then turned to find herself a seat and sat down. After all, she really did not like queueing up. Everyone looked as if they had seen a ghost when Nicole sat down, walking away with their plates hurriedly. ‘Oh man, even Austin is calling her boss. How powerful is she?!’

They dared not to offend her.

When Nicole saw Austin lining up without bullying anyone, her gaze was not as cold anymore.

Austin was a tyrant in school. When had he ever lined up for food?

At that moment, Austin was squeezing between the crowd for Nicole. It was so hot he was sweating like a pig

When he turned back and saw Nicole’s gaze turn slightly warm, he was elated. He did not bother how sweaty he was and continued to line up to get Nicole some food.

Everyone saw this bizarre scene. They were stupefied upon seeing Austin working himself to the bones to impress Nicole. Coincidentally, Gary and Raine went to the cafeteria for lunch as well.

they walked into the cafeteria and saw how Austin was treating

dumbfounded too.

harm Nicole out of anger and embarrassment. Raine did not expect Austin would ignore her, the beauty queen in school, and beg to be Nicole’s follower instead. He had even made a big scene.

your class, right? She has only been here for

had rejected Gary’s offer to protect


why and turned around. She noticed Gary staring at Nicole, who was not far from them. His eyes

did not know her place, but he gradually realized that she was nothing like how he had pictured her. Nicole was incredibly skilled that she had even made Austin submit to her. Even

well in his academics as he rarely paid attention in class, he was, in fact, a well-known computer genius. He had personally searched for Nicole’s

could tell that Nicole was someone

was Raine, who watched him staring at Nicole with desire in

her. It was her first time seeing Gary looking at someone with such a gaze. ‘Is Gary interested in Nicole?’ Raine thought, ‘Impossible! It took me a great deal of effort just to stand by Gary’s side. I will never let anyone take my place

short while. Austin wanted to follow her when he saw her standing up. But Nicole stopped him with a slight frown. “Don’t

he could not step over the boundary, so

off like that. “She’s just a country girl, yet she has the audacity to enjoy the limelight. Is she trying to humiliate classy ladies like

in, “Yeah, she’s just a girl. How could she be the boss of the school alpha? She’s too full of

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