Chapter 924 Jordy Was Jealous

Jonathan was rational, but he was still in a state of shock. Gloria’s excellence stunned him.

He looked at her in silence as if he didn’t know what to say.

If it were someone else, he might feel closer to her after knowing her new identity, but…

He felt that he was more unfamiliar with her every time he knew her new identity.

After all, she didn’t want to tell him her stories, which would only build up estrangement.

Jonathan said quietly, “You want me to talk to the White Group?”

“No.” Gloria took a look at him and said quietly, “I will tell the company about my new identity, and I will cooperate with your Brown Group. Moreover, I intend to take back my shares. The cooperation with you is a chip.”

new identity known to the public, which needed a good start. Now the White Group was declining and had gradually lost its popularity. It was unfavorable to them. So she could only make herself more famous by cooperating with the Brown Group. She wanted people to know that she was a member of the White Group and that she was Poppy as well as

for Jonathan. Poppy

agreed with pleasure, “Of course, I

this for my princess. You just make your arrangements. No matter what happens,


touched Gloria’s

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smile, “Then I hope we can make

The ringing sound was pleasant, like a victory drum. They were

talked very happily.

rumors were spreading everywhere.

on Twitter, and looked extremely

whole office was enveloped by his gloomy aura, which had begun to spread to the whole

in the company to work overtime felt chilly on their backs, as if they were going to get sick. Why

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