Chapter 34

"Ms. Christian, do you really have evidence, or are you making it up? Have you thought about the repercussions ifthis case goes to court?" Lily looked around calmly, facing the skeptical crowd.

Her relaxed demeanor and mild aura quieted the noisy crowd.

She parted her red lips slightly and exclaimed four words, “Bring on the lawsuit!” Lily was aware that leaving would not be an easy task, but shedid not expect Nathaniel to stop her in the alley.

Did he not just go after Melanie? Why was he still here? Nathaniel’s face was gloomy, His hands were in the pockets ofhis trousers as he leaned against the wall.

The fact that his entire body was concealed from the light added to his grim appearance, Lily’s steps were hesitant, and she did not want topay attention to him.

Instead, she tried to turn around and leave in the opposite direction, but unexpectedly, someone blocked her path.

It made sense why Nathaniel was whispering to some people before he left.

Was he explaining this situation? If so, it was probably the first time he ever cared about her.

Unable to get through, Lily simply walked up to Nathaniel and asked, “Is this a threat, Mr.

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