Chapter 35

Nathaniel could not believe his ears, “What did you say?”

“It‘s not that I didn‘t think about giving you a chance, but even now, you still want me to take the blame. Nate, do I look that stupid?” Lily‘s voice was icy. There was a sarcastic smile on the corners of her lips. Nathaniel felt a chill in his heart. He suddenly felt that the woman before him was a stranger. She was no longer the person he had known for several years. She became so sharp, elusive, and very unmanageable. “Lily, what do you mean? You don‘t believe me anymore?” “I trusted you so much that I don‘t even know how I was persuaded.” Lily paused, then did not bother explaining, “I‘m now very thankful for not signing a formal contract with you. From today onward, your MN Inc. has nothing to do with me.”

She emphasized the word ‘your‘ as she raised her foot to walk past him and leave.

her arm. He had not realized what she meant, but he knew he could not let her go yet. “Are you still blaming me for not signing a formal contract with you?” He asked tentatively,” Lily, don‘t be so immature, okay? If that’s what you cared

it yours, too? Ours? Do you realize that you‘re forcing

After pausing, Nathaniel realized his tone was too harsh and softened it again. He lowered his head and gave it some thought. His heart seemed to have moved. His eyelids fluttered, and when he looked at Lily, he simply asked, “Lily, are you jealous?” Nathaniel was not concerned that Lily would learn

strange, especially when facing Melanie. This prompted him to think more deeply, so he took a chance, made an assumption, and

to ask, observing

him and said nothing. Her silence made Nathaniel more confident in his judgment.

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