Chapter 33

Lily smiled faintly and looked at Melanie. "Are you sure that’s what you want? Do you want me to let the cat out of thebag?" She was so calm, making Melanie feel flustered.

What was Lily plotting? What did she want exactly? She had laid all the cards on the table and couldnot bear to back down.

Melanie gritted her teeth and bravely replied, “Don't make a fool of yourself, Lily.

I’ve done nothing wrong.

I can't say I'm the most talented person in this industry, but I am undoubtedly one who works hard.

Everyone knows how much I've done in this company over the past few years.

You can't just come up here and spew nonsense." "Melanie," Nathaniel was on her side, gently squeezing herforearm.

He turned to look at Lily again, cleared his throat, and said, “I apologize.

The purpose of this press conference was to explain everything to the competition’s organizing committee, friends, and consumers who care aboutus.

However, we did not make enough arrangements, nor did Ms.

time to prepare

want evidence?”

immediately attracted the media's attention

up her phone, saying, "Since everyone is asking for

you go.”

evidence you're talking about?" Someone

becoming more exciting as the

would give in, and it felt

unsure which side was

both parties were


employees can be witnesses.

those compositions! Since we

it seems that you’re too


tired of your games,

in court!” After speaking, Melanie threw

Although the argument was intense, no one expected her to storm

reporters present, Nathaniel was also quite

grab Melanie but was

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