Chapter 32

The reporters started getting excited about the gossip. After listening to Nathaniel’s words and seeingLily smiling warmly, they thought the matter would be settled and not have any more juicy information.

Oh, but the tables had turned! Lily had indirectly slapped Nathaniel’s face in front of everyone! The reporters’focal lengths immediately aimed at Nathaniel's swiftly ashen face while Lily appeared calm.

The duo’s expressions greatly contrasted with each other.

“Ms.Christian, you mean to say you didn’t plagiarize Ms.Thayer's work, but she plagiarized yours instead?" Someone immediately asked.

Lily smiled, “I would like to correct your words.

The word plagiarism means counterfeiting and is also an act of infringement.

Although such actions are unacceptable, there is a procedure for self-reprocessing.

means taking something and changing

just laughed and

you mean?!" The crowd turned

half cover his

unpleasant as he gnashed

back but could not attack or even make a sound in front of so

not even look at

calmly at the reporters before her,

“As you said, Ms.

didn't sign any contracts with MN Inc., meaning you’re not one of

yourself? Do you have any evidence?” The reporterswere vigilant and could always

they did not take sides, wanting to ask saucy questions and

beside her, took the lead, “Whatdo you mean by

between us?" Lily asked calmly with a faint smile

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