Chapter 22

“What would Nathaniel be most afraid of when he wants me to admit that I lied during the competition before the public?”

Upon seeing Olivia‘s puzzled gaze, Lily continued, “It‘s the witnesses and evidence that will be against him. Sure, he took the evidence away, but the witness...”

“Am I the witness?” Olivia pointed at herself. Realization soon hit her as she exclaimed, “I can be the witness!”

She continued, arms akimbo, “We can use this chance to expose his true colors and show everyone just what kind of a person he truly is!”

Lily smiled, shook her head lightly, and said, “No, you won‘t need to be a witness. I only need you to take a vacation over the next two days.” “Take a vacation?”

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even about the minor things, would not let her go if she were to resign now. Slacking at work seemed to be a good choice

Olivia was worried. “Lily, I should be by your side, especially now. Running away would make me look like a selfish person.

not at war here. How would you resemble a soldier who ran away?” Lily chuckled. “Also, I know what I‘m doing. You wanted to leave with me, didn‘t you? Use this time to take

Lily‘s eyes. After all, the duo had worked together for

the lab, Lily planned to go to Rebirth. While waiting for a cab on the side of the road, a black Maybach stopped in front of her. The car‘s window rolled down and revealed a

the car door and got in

Lily asked, thinking, ‘How

welcomed here?” The car had already started to move, while Alexander

and held his arm naturally. “I just didn‘t expect

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