Chapter 23

Alexander’s car rocketed down the road. Soon they lost the cars behind them.

“Nate must‘ve sent people to follow me. It‘s probably to see if I‘m still in contact with Rebirth. “Lily turned her head back toward Alexander as she spoke.

“Huh?” Alexander raised his eyebrows. “Did you promise him you wouldn‘t return to Rebirth?

“I didn‘t promise him anything, but he probably felt that he had convinced me to.” Lily did not promise Nathaniel anything, but Nathaniel still thought his lame lies had successfully fooled her again. He was the same person as usual and thought he was familiar with Lily because the old Lily would give him all her trust.

However, Lily witnessed Nathaniel‘s betrayal and affair with her own eyes. She watched his and Melanie‘s illicit relationship and lost all of Lily‘s trust. How could she ever believe any of Nathaniel‘s words again?

what‘s your plan now?”

interfering with her decision, Alexander was very interested, and he was even a little curious about what she would do to make them pay. Frankly, that Hall sc*mbag had hurt Lily so badly, so Alexander planned to seek justice for her, but now it seemed

looked toward the front calmly. “He wants to hold a press conference and make me take the fall for what

calm, and his eyes were cold.



discredited him but also ruined MN Inc.‘s reputation. He doesn‘t have the patience to wait longer. What‘s more, the organizing committee is also investigating this case.

he asked, Alexander did not think Lily would

Lily said, “What was

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