Chapter 21

Lily sat down and looked up at Olivia. “Liv, if you must choose between MN Inc. and me, which one would you…”

“I’ll choose you!” Olivia said without hesitation, interrupting Lily even before she could finish her words.

Her answer stunned Lily for a moment before a smile appeared on her face.

It would be great if Olivia could continue working at MN Inc. as the company offered a decent salary. Olivia was a hot-tempered person, and she disliked any complex social interactions, so working in this lab suited her the best as she had a profound knowledge of perfumery.

Lily could not stay in MN Inc., but it would affect Olivia regardless of Lily’s choice. Lily felt awful because of it. However, Lily did not expect Olivia to choose her with so much certainty.

gain something from working at MN

at each other. The two needed no words to express their feelings

topic was there, Olivia asked bluntly, “Then… Can I come with you too?” Still, Olivia was cautious, afraid she

a person job-hopped, they would either job-hop alone or with an entire team of their own. It was rare for a job hopper to

perfumery industry and was only a research assistant who was not well-known yet. Hence,

she had not brought the matter up to the team from

who arranged Lily’s position in Rebirth. If she mentioned bringing Olivia

my qualification and ability, I’ll be able to find another job! It won’t be that difficult for me,” Olivia said casually upon noticing Lily’s hesitation. “N-No, it’s not that you can’t come with me. I’ll talk to the people from Rebirth first. Don’t worry about it. I’ll bring you everywhere if you want to come with

need to discuss it with them first. Plus, there are still some things

After a moment,

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