Chapter 20

In the end, one of them took the initiative and stepped forward, “Lily, we‘re just following: orders. You can seek Mr. Hall if you are dissatisfied. We‘re only doing what Mr. Hall instructed us to do!”

“All right, you think i‘m scared?” Lily focused her gaze on the man as she removed her phone from her pocket to call Nathaniel. However, there was no answer, even though Lily was sure Nathaniel was reachable. She knew then that Nathaniel was doing what she did to him.

Nathaniel thought it would frustrate her until she finally admitted her mistake. The man before Lily revealed a smug smile as if he knew her call would go unanswered. The man said, “Lily, your assistant has been beating around the bush for over an hour. It‘s pointless to waste time like this when Mr. Hall has plenty of it. Sure, the information he wants is confidential, but it belongs to the company, and Mr. Hall wants you to hand them over. Don‘t worry. We‘ll take good care of it.”

Lily hung up the phone and said, “Oh, wow. It seems Nate has good intentions.” Then she looked at Oliva, smiling coldly.

fight to the death against Nathaniel‘s lackeys, was surprised by Lily‘s words.

they precious to you? They must have ulterior motives if they want to take them away all of

argue with him, he would have enough information and evidence to prove Melanie

them, Liv. My colleague here is right. No matter how confidential the information is, it belongs to the company, and we should give it to Mr. Hall since he had requested it.

already spoken, so she could only give them what they wanted. She looked at Lily again, and she did not seem to change her mind. Olivia was puzzled and wanted to ask Lily what she was

moved them to the parked car and

already taken all the documents, so why would you want the keys to an empty room?!” Olivia

Hall requested that...”

it to him, Liv,” Lily said indifferently, raising her chin to signal Olivia

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