Chapter 18

Nathaniel felt that way because he did not know anything that happened between Lily and Rebirthi.

Lily shook her head. “I didn’t.”

“That’s great. Since you didn’t sign a contract with La Beauté, we can still fix things.

They’re just manipulating you. I’m already kind enough not to sue Rebirth for slandering us.”

arin. “Lily, you are too naive to understand the complexity and filth of the business field. It’s all for your good. We don’t want you to get

with this matter for you. Now you can focus on producing perfumes. Don’t you love

gaslighted her all along, making her willing to do things for them without wanting anything in return. Even now, they only wanted her to take the blame for everything. Still, they plausibly said everything was for her good. Suppose she admitted that she stole

protect MN Inc. and Melanie’s reputation and to destroy Lily’s. If that happened, Lily would have no choice but

good to be

admit my mistake? You won’t blame me, would

all too well. She had always cared about his feelings the

has influenced you, so you aren’t to blame. We should blame those who are sinister and intentional,” Nathaniel said warmly while gently hugging

you during

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