Chapter 19

Lily went to the laboratory after leaving MN Inc., which was located far from the company. Lily and Olivia were mainly involved in research and development and would only mass produce their latest products after proving their success rates.

However, Nathaniel was usually eager for quick success and would rush for production, even though the product had yet to pass its tests. He would always jump the gun and launch newer products.

He said that the market was ever–changing, and others would soon replace them if they did not seize their opportunities. Therefore, he thought it was necessary to push new products to capture the consumers‘ attention.

Lily disagreed with his aggressive marketing because she knew developing a new product would require a process of inspiration and experimentation. Newer products needed repeated tests to succeed, and they could not rush to release them.

Although Lily disagreed, she could only make suggestions because she was not qualified enough. Nathaniel told her she did not know how to run a business and only needed to focus on producing newer products quicker. Nathaniel also said she would be a wealthy wife who would enjoy the rewards of his success.

with him. She had

lights turned red and collected her thoughts. She told herself to stop thinking about Nathaniel and

lab, she realized Nathaniel was more cunning than she thought. Olivia was not there, but she was in the archives room with several

“L–Lily!” Olivia looked like she had found her savior as soon as she

happening. Then, Lily patted Olivia‘s back to calm her down as she asked the strangers, “Who are you guys?”

Mr. Hall never told me

of your concern. Mr. Hall has ordered us to work with you at the lab starting today to hasten the development of newer products as soon as possible.”

just wants to keep an eye on me!‘ Lily thought.

naive because he assumed Lily would continue to work for him as if nothing had happened during the

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