Chapter 17

“They said you‘re an adulterer and that you guys worked together to take advantage of me!”

Nathaniel‘s expression changed suddenly. “What nonsense are you spewing?!”

On the contrary, Melanie, facing Lily, was stunned hearing that. Facing, such a direct and strict accusation, she subconsciously felt guilty, and her eyes instinctively avoided it.

After hearing Nathaniel‘s voice, she returned to her senses, “Yeah, how can you believe such words. It‘s just slander!”

“Lily, the three of us have known each other for so long. Do you still need someone else to tell you about our relationship? How could you believe such a boring provocation? It‘s hurtful to us if you believe them.” After a few words, Melanie‘s eyes were red as tears were about to fall. It looked like she was aggrieved.

with her act. She thought it was a pity Melanie was not an actress. However, if life

confused to face the situation. “They‘re not the only ones saying this. Others said that you and

she could finish, Nathaniel sternly interrupted her and

you blindly believe rumors without thinking?! They are strangers, and we‘ve known each other for years, so you should know who to believe and who you shouldn‘t!”

him. Yeah, she did not think with her brain. Otherwise, how could both of them deceive

more she found it amusing. She thought they had already reached

shameless couple wanted to continue their facade, Lily would oblige without hesitation.

already like this. Why not just

immediately refused decisively. “No one will believe it since what happened yesterday! It will not help restore MN Inc.‘s reputation. It definitely won‘t

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