Chapter 16

They could not figure out why Lily‘s behavior had changed. Lily had always been well behaved and docile, but when she spoke confidently on the stage, they thought Lily was an entirely different person.

No signs could have prepared them for Lily‘s sudden change. She turned into a different person overnight and almost ruined MN Inc.

Nathaniel thought, ‘If it weren‘t because I could still use her, I would have killed her on the spot! Does she know about Mel and me? Is that wliy she changed so drastically? That‘s impossible! If she had known about us, she would‘ve made a fuss, right? Instead, she had no reactions, which is not normal for a woman in such a situation.‘

with anger but trying their best to suppress their emotions was hilarious to Lily. Initially, Lily planned to shed all her pretenses.

continue with their acts in front of her. Did they honestly think she was an idiot? Did they genuinely think they could have persuaded her to continue working in MN Inc. even after all the things

her words out to create suspense for the shameful couple. She paced

Melanie and Nathaniel, who shared looks as if to say, ‘We were right. Someone was using her to

say?” Nathaniel

with whether to tell them everything. She was dying to laugh out loud. It was her turn to fool

let someone toy with you like this?

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