Chapter 10

Lily glanced at Alexander quietly but found he was looking at her. She did not know when his sight had already fallen on her. She was caught in the act and began to blush.

“Do you have other plans tonight?” Alexander asked. He was close to Lily and made her feel butterflies in her stomach.

The stubbornness in Lily’s bones made her refuse to back down. She met his obsidian eyes and tried her best to maintain a calm expression. “If you recall, tonight is our wedding night. What other arrangements would I have, Mr. Russell?”

Lily pretended to be relaxed and natural, but her hands pressed hard on her knees, revealing the uneasiness in her heart.

Alexander’s brows and lips twitched. “Very good.” He straightened up, and Lily eased, but she was not completely relieved.

The car soon stopped at its destination, and Lily thought her husband would take her back to his private residence. However, they had unexpectedly stopped at a spa club entrance. There were orange-yellow sign boards all around, making one feel at peace.

However, as Lily looked at her husband suspiciously, he seemed to guess what she thought. “It’s too sudden to make many preparations today.”

“It doesn’t matter to me,” Lily said softly. She knew their marriage was just a beneficial one, so there was no need for any extravagant ceremonies. But when she saw the rose-decorated restaurant, she felt sincerely touched.

Only two of them were in the vast restaurant. The staff had neatly arranged the dishes, and the waiter kept his distance, giving the couple enough room for their intimate night. It was apparent that Alexander had reserved the entire restaurant for him and his wife. He had the influence, but how did he do all that so quickly?

don’t worry about this leaking on the news,” Alexander said calmly while gracefully cutting into his steak.

you, Alex.” Lily was typically good at speaking but did not know what to say in

profoundly into Lily’s

in everything you did today,” Lily responded. Although she was impulsive in marrying Alexander, Lily did

delighted. Immediately after, Alexander placed the steak he had cut onto

warm and romantic candlelit dinner, the couple entered a suite Alexander had prearranged. The suite was quite expansive, and there was a private hot tub. The sounds

wanted her to soak in the hot tub with him. Lily’s face was flushed red, and her body was tense as she quickly looked away and

around to remove his blazer. He picked up a bottle of red wine and two glasses and brought them

“Y-Yes.” Supposedly, alcohol would give one courage. She was not a coward but undoubtedly lacked courage. It

her teeth, and clinked her glass with Alexander’s. Then Lily downed her wine in one gulp. She was so hurried that she choked and coughed violently.

her back gently. “I’ll go for a soak. You take your time.” He gave Lily ample time to prepare and also gave her a chance to retreat and regret her downing of the wine. Then he turned to

glass of wine and downed it again. After drinking almost half a bottle of wine in one go, it took effect, and Lily started to feel tipsy. She straightened herself and could vaguely see the hot tub and Alexander.

with his arms stretched and back facing Lily, revealing only his broad upper shoulders. His muscles were prominent, and the water droplets on his back glowed with a crystal sheen

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