Chapter 24

Alexander laughed as if he guessed what Lily was thinking. “I‘m not a pervert who monitors people. I can see and hear with my eyes and ears.”

Suddenly, he poked Lily‘s stomach, and she dodged as it tickled. That was when Lily realized her stomach growled with hunger.

Alexander took her to the Sky Garden Restaurant located halfway along the hill. This restaurant was famous in town, not only for its unique design but also for its magnificent view.

In a mainstream society where Asian cuisine symbolized high–class identity, Sky Garden also served Western Cuisine, which their senior chefs specialized in. The restaurant had a dish from every culture for everyone.

Of course, it was pricey, and some could not afford to enjoy their delicacies. Still, most who wanted to eat at Sky Garden would need to make a reservation, even if certain people had reserved seats like VIP guests.

across from her, taking the menu gracefully and handing it to her man. The waiters served them as soon

order first,” Alexander

specialized menus for you to choose from.” The waiter served them

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prices Lily saw on her menu were staggering. She knew it was pricey but did not expect it to be that expensive. Although she did not have to pay for it, the prices stung

his questioning eyes over when Lily did

a little spoiled for choice,” Lily said half–jokingly, but it was apparent she had

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