The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 20: Positive Confrontation

It turned out that for so many years, some habits still could not be forgotten.His mouth was very picky, she didn't know if it had changed a little over the years.

Fortunately, Annie did not inherit his bad habits and did not need to be worried too much about eating.

In a few moments, the secretary had already delivered the dishes that they ordered, and looked at her a few times by the way.

Alan sat side by side with her on the same sofa.

"Unexpectedly, Miss.Steele's preference for food is similar to mine."

"Is it strange?" Olive asked,her tone was calm, but her heart was already ups and downs.

"Well, it's not." Alan also ate slowly, "It tastes good."

Olive sighed softly at the bottom of her heart.If he didn't approve her resignation letter, she didn't know whether to go or stay.But feeling his meaning,she would not be able to understand his mind for a while.No one knew that he appeared in front of her was intended or purely coincidental.

Now, she had to be careful and cautious to think more.

"Mr.Hoyle,about my resignation......"

"Why do you want to resign?" Alan asked lightly, but it was seemed that the air rushed toward her with carrying pressure.

"I've made it clear in my resignation letter."

"I haven't read the resignation letter yet. I want to hear from you."Listened to this voice, whether it could coincide with the memory.

"Nothing, just work made me feel a little tired,I wanted to rest for a while."

"But I heard Assistant Maltz say that because of what Miss.Steele did, the company suffered tens of millions of losses. Can I think your resignation letter as resigning to assume responsibility?"

Olive had anticipated that Susie would sow discord in front of him.However, Alan's tone was always so light that Olive suddenly burst into anger.

"If Mr.Hoyle thinks it's true, you can think that I'm resigning to assume responsibility." Olive said with a cold face and a bad tone.

He seemed to have no idea that Olive would suddenly get angry. Alan was stunned for a moment, the next second, he raised the corners of lips slightly, "In this way, I am afraid that it is rare that a good company is willing to hire you again."

Olive was slightly stunned, she did not deny. He was telling the truth that she resigned with such a big mistake on her shoulder, which company dared to employ her with confidence?

But she couldn't live without a job, the family was waiting for her to live.

When she was thinking, a cool touch suddenly hit Olive's jaw. She looked up in astonishment and saw Alan's deep eyes. What was he doing?
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