The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 30: A Tough and Vicious Woman

"What's wrong with you, Olive?" Chloe was anxious about her when she heard this.

"It's all right, just a cold. I've already taken medicine and injections." Olive said.

Chloe looked at her, then looked at Alan. She winked at her wearing an air of clearness.

Olive pretended to be missing.

As soon as Alan left, Chloe was eager to gossip, and she rubbed vigorously against Olive and asked, "Who is that? The boss personally sent you back. There is something fishy behind this. Dose he like you? Golden bachelor? Is he pursuing you?”

"Why, are you interested?" Olive retorted calmly. Then she picked up her daughter and kissed her.

"What's I have interests? I'm looking for the right person for you."

Olive rolled her eyes at her and said, "He has a fiancee. They will get married in the spring next year. Would you let me become the third party?"

"That's a pity." Chloe can't help feeling regretful.

the next morning, she felt refreshed.

that she would be cold in the evening, she added a quilt to her. In addition to turning on

Olive rushed to have a little breakfast, but now she could enjoy her breakfast, and

thin sunshine shone on the tall

when she met Susie in the company.

and she would not miss any small opportunity to attack her, even if she could

that whether such a person could be tired who was thinking stepping on the heads of others.

use the same elevator, but the woman pestered her.

golden tongue, you can attain

her dress, she was not afraid of the cold weather. She really wanted to

her that she

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and the slight

about it. But if you do it again, you will inevitably be caught." Olive kindly reminded her. She paused, as if to think of something, "Forget to tell you something, Mr. Hoyle always has a fiancee. You

fell on the twisted face, and Olive

in step by step, curving at the corners of her mouth. "So what? Fiancee is not wife. I still have a chance. In this world, the wife could be defeated by the third party, only if the third party

addition to this sentence, Olive

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