To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Drowning

“Y… yes,” Alec replied with great difficulty. He felt as if the darkness would soon drown him, and Jenny’s hand was the only thing keeping him afloat.

“My phone is out of battery. Where’s yours?” she asked as she held on to him. She felt that his trembling was growing worse. If this persisted, he would pass out in the elevator. “I’m going to search for it myself if you say nothing.” She began feeling around with her hands.

She had no intentions besides calling the property manager, but then, in the darkness, her hands fumbled and groped. Her slender fingers touched Alec’s firm chest, and further down were his prominent abdominal muscles. He had a good figure, she thought.

“Where are you touching?” Alec said, somehow managing to sound cold through his trembling voice. Jenny took her hand away quickly and laughed dryly. “I don’t know where your phone is.”

The man scoffed, pushing down the revulsion in his chest. He took his phone out of his wallet. “I don’t. have the manager’s number. Call Vincent.”

“Fine.” Jenny nodded and called Vincent at once. She explained everything to him, and the only thing left. to do was wait.

She turned on Alec’s flashlight, which helped because he wasn’t trembling as much now.

you claustrophobic?” she asked, wanting to divert

He shook his head.

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in his eyes.

side, distancing herself from him. What a waste of

Jenny moved, Alec couldn’t see her at all. He dared not move. The

Jenny said,

head was beginning to ache. He wanted to force himself to stand but realized he couldn’t ‘Come

“No,” she refused.

do.” Alec gave in purely because he couldn’t stand to face

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the fears in his heart faded away. “I’m just afraid

Jenny was shocked. Her face was full of

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