To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Control Yourself, Mr. Faust

Jenny knew that Alec was talking to her, but how dare he use that tone and those interrogative words.

“So you can be with any man out there except for me? Answer me,” he demanded, his voice cold, bearing a trace of fury.

Jenny burst into laughter. She looked at Alec with interest. “Are you questioning me? Who are you to do that, exactly?”

Alec was silent.

“Is it because you’re so used to being the one in power? Is that why you’re so authoritative with everyone? What a pity. I’m not your underling; I don’t have to answer you.”

As she finished speaking, the elevator arrived. Jenny walked right in, not wishing to linger around Alec. However, he refused to let it go and went in after her.

Jenny kept a distance between herself and Alec. Neither of them spoke. The air around them was stifling.

you. Pearson is not

he’s not what he seems. I don’t care about why he wants to get close to me. We’re basically strangers.” Before

angered Alec. “I am not joking around.” He was serious. His expression was extraordinarily solemn. Jenny, however,

Mr. Faust,” she

“Dr. Walter! I…”

elevator plunged into darkness

unlucky?” Jenny was exasperated. She pressed the buttons, but there were no responses. She took out her phone and turned on the flashlight. Under the faint light, she pressed the emergency

“The power is out!”

furious. How unlucky could she be? As she thought of this, she glanced at Alec, grumbling, Think, Mr. Faust. I don’t want to spend

Alec did not react.

out. She shone her flashlight at him. It was then that she realized his forehead

Was he afraid?

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