The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Authors:Cat Smith
Num Chapters:71
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Chapter 71

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Winter has only ever known love for a short time in her life. When her mother is killed by rogues, her father and brother blame her even though she was only five years old at the time. That's when the abuse and the bullying starts. When she's rejected by her mate upon their first meeting, she doesn't even put up a fight, used to being disappointed in life.

Her mate failed to sever the mate bond completely though and when something traumatic happens to Winter, she becomes mute, silent, unable to trust anyone and anything anymore. She runs, eventually finding her second chance mate who is not quite what she's expecting. Will he be able to break down the barriers she has up and show her what love is? In the end Winter is forced to realise that sometimes you have to trust, not only the people around you, but in yourself as well.


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